Below are examples of the 2016-2017 projects our student groups conducted as an example of variety of scope and non-profit industry.

Financial Strategy | Higher Education

North Shore Community College

Mission: To provide accessible, affordable educational opportunities for students who live or work in the North Shore region of Massachusetts.

Project Purpose: To help North Shore understand the common
characteristics of the “low completer” student population, in order to inform a more targeted allocation of resources to support these students

Marketing Strategy | Health

Planetary Health Alliance

Mission: Planetary Health Alliance (PHA) is a consortium of universities, NGOs and other partners with a shared mission—supporting the growth of a rigorous, policy-focused, transdisciplinary field of applied research aimed at understanding and addressing the human health implications of accelerating anthropogenic change in the structure and function of Earth’s natural systems.

Project Purpose: Strategically develop PHA brand, particularly messaging strategy, in order to set PHA apart in an increasingly competitive landscape, enhance internal and external understanding of purpose, strengths, and approach as an organization, and to attract new members and donors.

Business Model Strategy | Volunteerism Start-Up

Volunteer Business Service Worldwide

Mission: VBSW is promoted by HBS Alumni Clubs world-wide targeting SME enterprises to register their business service needs as project assignments on the demand side. On the supply side, VBSW through Alumni Bulletin and Clubs will target alumni with interest in serving as volunteer business consultants asking them to register as members.

Project Purpose: Evaluate the feasibility and demand for a web based two-sided marketplace that successfully sources and connects global small and medium enterprises with Harvard Business School alums, whom are entering the “second act” of their career (25+ years out of school, for pro-bono consulting projects.

Operations Strategy | Women & Science

Science Club for Girls

Mission: Fosters excitement, confidence and literacy
in STEM for girls from underrepresented communities by providing free, experiential programs and by maximizing meaningful interactions with women mentors from STEM fields.

Project Purpose: To synthesize and recommend actionable best practices – from internal contacts and external organizations – for onboarding new SCFG board members.