For Harvard Business School students interested in joining the Consulting for Impact Club.

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Program Overview

The Consulting for Impact (CFI) Club matches Harvard MBA candidates with Boston-area nonprofit organizations for engagements spanning the academic year. During this time, pairs of students complete a strategic consulting project (4-6 hours per month per student) for the partner organization under the mentorship of the organization’s executive staff or Board members.

Students selected by CFI will work with Boston-area nonprofit organization to refine and develop the project scope, develop key deliverables, conduct necessary analysis, and ultimately prepare recommendations for review. Partner organizations have the option to allow the two students working on their consulting project to sit-in on their board meetings as non-voting, observing “Board Fellows.” Board Fellows must be able to attend relevant meetings or Board sessions in or near Boston.


  • September (TBD) – SEI Club Fair
  • Sept  – Club Fair
  • Sept 12 – CFI Info Session 
    • Applications become available for membership and leadership team 
  • Sept 17 – Student Application Deadline; Club Leadership Application
  • Sept 22 – Student notification on acceptance
  • Sept 30 – BFSEC Retreat & Project Reveal



Please contact us with any questions or concerns as you complete the application or after it is submitted.


Deadline: September 23, 2018 at 5pm EST